Bro code – the shit’s real

Today’s post is coming from one of the stories I saw online that’s gaining a lot of traction. LA Lakers rookie, D’Angelo Russell apparently recorded his teammate Nick Young aka. Swaggy P, discussing his “extracurricular activities” while traveling throughout the season. Swaggy, who’s engaged to pop star Iggy Azalea, probably found himself in the frying pan when this video surfaced. This story is outrageous on so many levels, but one thing clearly stands out, and I’m not talking about the shitty nickname that Nick Young adopted. D’Angelo broke the bro code, and that is a bell that he can never unring.

The only question I would ask D’Angelo, if I had the opportunity to ask him would be – what in the hell could have made you think this is a good idea?! What would ever motivate a guy to do that to another guy? The craziness doesn’t end with him recording Swaggy saying what he said. Somehow this recording found its way to an internet gossip site. D’Angelo, what the fuck man?!?! Forget that your teammates have shunned you, and that it’s probably like high school in the cafeteria when “that guy” shows up, and he finds himself eating his mac and cheese at a table just for him. This is even bigger, lifelong friends can and will shun you for this kind of stuff. Nobody, and I mean nobody likes a snitch, and D’Angelo took snitching to a whole other level with this genius move. This is not something that will be soon forgotten by his teammates, or members of other teams should he find himself playing elsewhere in the future. This is a dark cloud that will follow this kid around for a long time and he can blame his immaturity for this. Social media and the ability to send out information immediately is a dangerous tool if left in the wrong hands. I hate to date myself, or sound like the old man yelling at the kids to get off my damn lawn, but this is obviously a generational thing. Athletes before the advent of social media certainly conducted themselves in a way similar to what Swaggy described, but players back then never had to worry about a teammate tape recording them, or outing them to a beat writer or anyone other member of the media.

So guys and ladies, I want to be absolutely clear and cover my own ass so my wife doesn’t read too much into this; in no way am I condoning or promoting infidelity. What I am saying is, if you know something you don’t have to be the asshole to let the cat out of the bag. The code is real and the majority of men adhere to said code, don’t be D’Angelo Russell.


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