Trump, Cruz take it to a new low

Is this what American presidential elections have descended to? Is this what we can and should expect from the people we elect? What we have seen in recent months from the candidates; specifically the GOP candidates, has been shameful and most certainly not a reflection of the vast majority of people in this country.

It started with 16 candidates all vying for the Republican nomination. From the onset it was mud slinging and a lot of name calling. Slowly the field dwindled, and names that most of us expected to see at the end when the dust settled are not the names that remain. The Bush’s, Christie’s and Rubio’s of the political world all fell by the wayside, and now we are left with Trump, Cruz, and Kasich. This in itself comes as a shock to anybody who knows just a little bit about politics, and I could delve into the reason a man like Trump is the Republican front-runner, but that is another topic for another day.

Today I want to discuss the immature and disgraceful way 2 of the 3 remaining prospective nominees have chosen to run their campaigns and why neither stand a snow ball’s chance in hell of being elected. In the past week, we have seen Ted Cruz’s people release an ad that has caused a bit of a stir among the candidates. The ad featured a partially nude Melania Trump in a photo shoot from her days as a model. This probably wasn’t the most tasteful ad the Cruz campaign could have chosen, but they chose it and they pissed on a hornet’s nest when they released it. As we all might have expected from Trump, he fired back and threatened to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife, Heidi. When asked later by reporters, Trump’s response was “he started it”. This is the response given by a man who is hoping to be the next president of this country, “he started it”. Later Cruz responded to Trump’s threat about “the beans” by telling Trump to “leave my wife Heidi, the hell alone”.

In 2016, the party of Lincoln and Reagan is being represented by 2 immature, petulant, cry babies. I can’t believe that I can even write a blog post about a presidential election and reference these type of situations, and it not be completely fictional and a story that I came up with myself. This is the reality that we are living in folks. The fact that either of these clowns have any kind of following or support is scary and indicative of a greater problem. The hateful rhetoric each of these guys put forth, and the ideas they have floated out there should not leave us completely shocked that we have reached such a low place in campaigning, but I am completely and utterly shocked. I can not believe that people subscribe to this sort of thinking, and can back a person who is willing to wage battle against a candidate’s family. These candidates are the assholes that nobody could stand when they were growing up, and they managed to evolve into adults and “political figures” that nobody can stomach now, sans the uneducated and uninformed minority who show up to their racist mob rallies. The Republican establishment is sickened by the sort of candidates they have been left with to send to Cleveland this summer for their convention, and they should be sick. Life-long Republicans that I know personally have told me that they will not vote this November. Rather than giving their vote to the Democratic candidate, they have chosen to sit this one out completely. They would rather allow Clinton to win the White House by not voting for their candidate, than cast a vote that would in their words,  “put us all in danger”.

This race is just starting to heat up, and all the filthy shit we’ve seen is only the beginning. Imagine what a guy like Trump will come up with when he takes the stage in a debate in September and October against Hillary Clinton. If people are uncomfortable now with the garbage that spews from his mouth – imagine if you can, how much worse this thing is going to get.





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