Bernie Sanders, the people’s candidate

When you take a look at all the candidates running in the 2016 presidential election; both on the Democratic and Republican side, it’s hard to argue that Bernie Sanders and his message is the one that truly looks to benefit the working and middle class. The only problem for Bernie Sanders and his message is it’s not the way things are normally done.

If you take a look at the issues Sanders wants to tackle and reform, you can’t help but get excited and want to throw your full support behind this guy – he makes you “feel the Bern”. He talks about income and wealth equality, free college tuition, taxing Wall Street, medicare for everyone, lowering prescription drug prices, and on and on and on. This is exactly the guy we need to turn this country around and completely reform the American political system so the people have a voice. This is the guy that is going to combat global warming and take on the banks that sent this country into the greatest financial crisis since The Great Depression. Bernie Sanders is a political superhero! He’s a true man of the people. And in the interest of full disclosure, if he were to win the nomination I would most certainly vote for him, there is no question.

The fact of the matter is, business in Washington has been done a certain way for a long time. Every 4 years a general election occurs, and we get a bunch of new candidates that come out with their list of issues and how they are going to change America, and make it the America it used to be. Progressive candidates emerge in every election cycle, they tend to gain popularity on college campuses and they run on platforms that always appeal to younger, educated voters. In 2004 Howard Dean mounted a formidable campaign, and at one point looked poised to win the Democratic nomination, until his now infamous scream. John Kerry, the establishment candidate eventually won the nomination and lost to Bush in the 2004 presidential election. In 2008 Obama sold us hope and we bought it – but what really changed? Sure, he got a lot of his legislation pushed through, and a lot of what he accomplished did benefit average Americans. But did anything really change? That brings us to 2016 and Bernie Sanders. He’s this election cycle’s progressive guy, but be sure that because of his radical ideas he could never be allowed to win. And in the crazy off-chance that he were to win, everything we have heard would be a distant memory once Senator Sanders took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Because no matter who the person is that “we the people” elect, the way business is done does not change.

Sanders is talking about taking on some of the strongest, most influential lobbies and special interest groups in the country – the people who really make the laws. Taking on Wall Street, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies would NEVER be allowed to happen. These politicians all know how Washington works, and they all know how to run a campaign and energize their supporters, and in the end every single one of them does the same thing as all the others that came and went before. Our attention spans are short, and a million things happen between election cycles, that’s why we forget all the beta versions of Bernie Sanders, but he’s not the first and he most certainly won’t be the last.


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