I’d like to welcome everyone to my blog, The MJ Report. My name is Mohammed Jarouche and I have always loved writing, and everyone that knows me knows I have an opinion on EVERYTHING. This is an opportunity to put some of my unfiltered opinions out there for others to see.

This blog isn’t going to focus on one specific topic or area. Here I will be giving opinions on what or who is grabbing the headlines. It could be sports one day, presidential politics the following day, and movies the day after that. The point is, we’ll be talking about all different kinds of shit here, and I’m sure some of the things I say at times will ruffle some feathers. That is the point of this blog, getting my take out there – no matter how it might come across; that’s why it’s The MJ Report. 

I look forward to this adventure and look forward to people’s feedback. This should be a lot of fun for everyone.